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Can't make it? Cancel it!

Missed appointments are a significant problem. Each missed GP or nurse appointment costs the health service about £160 and prevents someone else getting the care they need sooner.

You may notice that it is sometimes difficult to get a routine appointment with a GP or Nurse. This is made worse when someone who has made a booking does not turn up and has not contacted us to cancel it. This means that the appointment is wasted and it lengthens the waiting time for routine appointments for everyone.

How you can help

Please make every effort to remember your appointment and only book an appointment if it is necessary. Reception can issue an appointment reminder card.

If you need to cancel your appointment, give us as much notice as possible (at least one hour). You can phone us on 028 9027 9880 or send us a message using the website contact form.

Our policy on missed appointments

All incidents of non-attendance are recorded and audited. Repeated non-attendance will result in additional sanctions, which may eventually include removal from our practice list.

We know it can be very easy to forget about an appointment and we appreciate your cooperation. It is hoped that this will improve access to appointments for everyone.

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