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Should my child stay off school?

An unwell child can be a scary experience for their parents and carers. If it is a minor illness, it can be difficult to know whether the child should continue to attend school or nursery. The child may feel too unwell to attend, but there is also a risk of infecting other children.

Thankfully, there are some guidelines available from the Public Health Agency to help you decide when it is safe or advisable for your child to return to school.

School exclusion advice

There is also a comprehensive document detailing infection control measures for schools.

What to do when a child is unwell

You can find more information about what do to when your child is unwell in our article When should I worry? If you are concerned, please contact the practice to get advice from a GP, or the out-of-hours GP service on evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

If your child is unconscious, having difficulty breathing or not breathing, has had a collapse or seizure, or has a rash that does not fade under pressure, you should request an emergency ambulance immediately by calling 999.

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